Health & Safety Signage

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In order to meet the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996, your company needs to put up the appropriate safety signs for your workplace in the appropriate places.

You can usually work out what safety signage your company needs by conducting health and safety risk assessments, which are designed to highlight hazards and particular areas of risk.Safety signs must be placed wherever there is a significant risk, one that can’t be controlled or avoided, to let employees know about it.

Different kinds of safety signs must be used where appropriate. Mandatory signs (which tell employees what they must do in a particular area). Prohibitory signs (which tell workers what they can’t do in a particular area). Warning signs and emergency escape and first aid signs are also required.

In addition to health and safety signs, employers also need to put up fire safety signs. But, employers should avoid using too many safety signs or clustering safety signs together, as the combined messages can just be confusing to staff.

Employers also have a responsibility to maintain their safety signs, so that they remain clear and understandable at all times.
It may be necessary in some cases to combine signboards with other types of sign, such as illuminated signs or acoustic signals depending on requirements.

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